Wagner’s IGA, Inc.
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At Wagner’s IGA, we believe that our primary responsibility is to operate the best store possible, where the customer is always provided with fair market value. In order to accomplish this objective, we, Wagner’s employees, must be willing to:

  • Pursue aggressively, increased sales in all departments by giving customers friendly, helpful service; by offering top quality merchandise at a fair price; and by keeping our store clean and neat and in a condition that reflects the pride of Wagner’s people.
  • Hire and promote people who are committed to being the best.
  • Treat customers, employees, and suppliers with fairness and respect.
  • Quality is consistent with a fair price.
  • Friendliness is compatible with efficiency.

We believe that if we sincerely follow these fundamentals with honesty, fairness, and integrity, we will achieve dynamic growth, earn a fair profit, and achieve the standards of excellence.  

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