Welcome to the Southwestern Auglaize County Chamber

 Since 1998, when the Villages of Minster, New Bremen, and New Knoxville sat down with local business leaders, the Chamber’s goal has been to unify businesses in the three communities to foster growth and development. Those business leaders believed that when businesses are active in a local chamber they are not only benefitting the community but also positioning their business for long term growth and success. Numerous successful businesses call the Golden Triangle home. When those businesses are joined together, they have the potential to become even more successful. For this reason, the Chamber’s motto has been, “Joining together to do what none of us can do alone.” It takes many different types of businesses to ensure that our region is strong and vibrant for many generations to come. This is why the Chamber is such an important part of our communities in the Golden Triangle.


The Chamber will foster cooperation within our local communities and actively work to strengthen and promote the growth of our businesses, support our citizens through local activities, and enhance the quality of life within our communities.

Why Join The Chamber of Commerce?

Member/Community Development Programs

Workshops, seminars and accredited training programs are just the start of the numerous community development benefits of joining the chamber.

Marketing Programs

Members get exclusive access to Chamber major events as well as beneficial marketing programs, including the ability to advertise on the Chamber website and inserts in the newsletters.

Cost Savings Programs

With a Chamber membership, your company will save on FedEx shipping as well as photocopying and printing services. Additionally, Chamber members receive are eligible for savings on group health insurance and many other items.

The benefits of joining the Southwester Auglaize County Chamber of Commerce do not stop!
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Board of Directors

  • Jason Barhorst
    Jason Barhorst Board President | Creations by Design
  • Joe Carte
    Joe Carte Board Vice President | H. A. Dorsten
  • Kurtis Thobe
    Kurtis Thobe Board Treasurer | Fabcor, Inc
  • Joe Turner
    Joe Turner NKTelco
  • Wesley Stienecker
    Wesley Stienecker NITRO Roofing
  • Jake Bruns
    Jake Bruns Edward Jones
  • Carolyn Bock
    Carolyn Bock Village of New Knoxville
  • Sheena Behr
    Sheena Behr Alan Davis Insurance
  • Jordan Brackman
    Jordan Brackman Prudential

Chamber Staff

  • Sara Topp
    Sara Topp Executive Director

    Sara has been with the chamber since March of 2018. Sara assumed the role of Executive Director in 2020.

  • Ellie Tangeman
    Ellie Tangeman Administrative Assistant