Important August 2018 Deadlines:

* August 15, 2018 Payroll True-Up Deadline

Employers must report their actual payroll by Manual Classification Code for the 7/1/17-6/30/18 Rate Year to the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) by August 15, 2018. Additionally, if it is determined that they owe the BWC additional premium, payment must be made to the BWC by August 15, 2018. This deadline is CRITICAL. Failure to True-Up and reconcile with the Ohio BWC by August 15, 2018 will result in your organization being removed from any discount programs for the CURRENT Rate Year, as well as for the upcoming Rate Year. We cannot emphasize enough how critical this deadline is to maintain Group rating and Group Retrospective rating status.

* August 30, 2018: Deadline for DFSP Action Plan (DFSP-5) for Advanced Level only for 7/1/18 program start date

“Help! I’m going to be audited by the Ohio BWC!”

Do not fear! The most important (and most time-consuming) aspect about a BWC Audit is PREPARATION. The BWC will provide you with a list of documents that you will need to have ready when they come to your office. The BWC’s goal is to ensure you are using the correct Manual Classifications and that you are reporting the right payroll numbers to determine your premium.

2019 Rate Year Rating Program Evaluations

CareWorksComp will soon be evaluating each of your policies for traditional Group Rating and Group Retro for the upcoming 2019 Rate Year that starts on 7/1/19.

News from the Ohio BWC The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) recently announced adjustments to employer Experience Modification (EM) calculations by introducing a Premium Size Factor adjustment. This will take effect beginning with the July 1, 2019 Rate Year for private employers. NOTE: The EM Adjustment Factor and Premium Size Factor are NOT applicable to traditional Group Rating employers.

3 Good Reasons to talk to our sister company, RiskControl360:

* INJURY TRENDS: “We’ve had a bunch of new injuries lately.”

* QUALIFICATION: “A company we’re working with wants a copy of our Safety Program, and ours is out of date.”

* KNOWLEDGE: “We don’t have the knowledge to develop an effective Injury Prevention Program.”

If you find yourself in any of these situations, call Craig Lanken at RiskControl360 at 1.877.360.3608 and he can get you on the right path!

Newest Addition to the RiskControl360 Team:

RiskControl360 welcomes Steve Brazil to the company this month. Steve resides in the Columbus area but will be managing accounts across the state. He has a strong background in industrial safety, workers’ compensation and insurance. Formerly from Queensland, Australia, Steve has worked more recently for a local staffing agency to achieve injury reduction and reduce overall workers’ compensation claims cost. His expertise in safety and workers’ compensation will be a valuable asset to RiskControl360 and its customers.


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