“THE FRIES BAND” has become known as the premier vocal band in the Dayton area. They focus on very tight 3, 4, & 5 part vocal harmonies that are primarily driven by acoustic guitars with The Fries Band started out in 1989 as an acoustic trio called “The French Fries”, which consisted of 3 acoustic guitars and 3 vocals. Over the years the trio has evolved into the full band they are today. They have been entertaining all over the West Central Ohio area and beyond for the past 20 years with their unique and engaging treatment of popular and obscure cover songs from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. They blend their complex vocal harmonies driven by acoustic guitars with keyboards, bass, and drums to re-create very distinctive musical arrangements of bands like Crosby Stills Nash & Young, America, The Beatles, Eagles, Jimmy Buffett, etc. They have opened up for many national acts, such as: Foghat, Kansas, The Guess Who, Gladys Knight, Mick Fleetwood, Henry Lee Summer, The Dixie Dreggs, Martina McBride, 1964 as the Beatles, and many more.
100 E 4th St, Minster, OH 45865